A collection of questions we get asked.

Can you tell us something about the people of New Zealand?

The influence of England, Scotland and Ireland where most early New Zealand immigrants came from, remains strongly in evidence. This is found for example in a cultural dislike of 'loudness' in favor of a more self-effacing and quiet approach to life. Visitors often comment on how gentle the people seem.

New Zealand (Kiwi) humor tends to the ironic and self-deprecating.

There is a widespread desire to be liked and many conversations with Kiwi's will invariably include the question "what do you think of the place?"

In common with their quiet demeanor, the population don't get too excited about things like politics. The current government is a center-right coalition and the pattern of the past has been for governments to eventually wear out their welcome or to become too ambitious, at which stage they are thrown out in favor of another center-right party who then repeat the same behavior.

The 'Waitingi Tribunal' has been a serious attempt by successive governments to right the wrongs of the past and the exploitation of the Maori people. Disputed lands have been returned to them and multi-million dollar payments made where a past grievance is brought before the tribunal and found proven.This has helped in a rejuvenation and resurgence of pride in Maori culture.

Visitors from the USA find New Zealand one of the most friendly places in the world. Many New Zealanders fought alongside Americans in the Pacific region during WW2 and these shared experiences of war and sacrifice have created a bond between the two countries that endures and remains strong to this day.