A collection of questions we get asked.

What are the flying times between the US and New Zealand?

From the West Coast of the USA it takes a little longer to fly to Auckland than it takes to fly to Europe. For example, takes 11-12 hours to fly to London and 12-13 hours to fly to Auckland.

The flying time for the non-stop Air New Zealand flight from Houston to Auckland is 14-15 hours. From New York to Auckland 17 hours.

In order to complicate our lives a little, there is also the matter of the International Dateline to contend with.

Most flights to New Zealand depart the US late in the day and after an overnight flight, arrive in Auckland early in the morning. Because you cross the International Dateline, this your arrival day is 2-days after your departure. So, if you leave the US on a Thursday for example, your arrival will be Saturday morning.

On the flight home the date you leave New Zealand will be the date you arrive home. If you depart Sunday, then you will arrive Sunday, in other words that day you 'lost' on the way to New Zealand is now reclaimed and order has been restored.