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What should I know about driving in New Zealand?

Words like 'motorway' and 'highway' take on a slightly different meaning when you visit New Zealand and it's important that you understand this before you arrive. 

Most importantly, once out of the major cities a 'motorway' or 'highway' doesn't necessarily mean two or three lanes in each direction. In fact  'highway' or 'motorway' will often mean just one lane in each direction!

This means that driving in New Zealand will be more intense than you might have expected especially when factoring in the need to drive on the left. So sharing the driving duties with a co-driver is a good thing, as are regular refreshment stops. 

All of the New Zealand Vacations Journeys, from the 10 Days Highlights of the North & South Islands to our 28 Day Magnificent New Zealand show maps of each days progress and estimated driving times, but be aware that stopping for photo-stop opportunities and the like will add to the times shown.