A collection of questions we get asked.

Can you help me book my Airfares?

When it's time to decide on the best airline and the best airfares for your vacation, let New Zealand Vacations answer the following questions on your behalf ...

  1. Which of the dozen or so airlines offering airfares to New Zealand have the best airfares in your chosen class of travel on the dates you wish to travel?
  2. How many classes of travel are there on each flight – econo-savers, business, economy, premium economy, coach, first, sky-couch … the list goes on! What do you actually get with each of these options? 
  3. Is there a 'special offer' soon to be put into the market by one of the airlines that fly to New Zealand that you won't know about on the day you make your booking? 
  4. All airline airfares are seasonal; they go up and down throughout the year, often dictated by holiday seasons in the Southern Hemisphere. Have you selected travel dates that give you the best seasonal rates? 
  5. Are Business Class seats on all airlines the same? Absolutely not. Beware! 
  6. If for some reason you need to change some or all of your travel dates after you have booked, what penalty will you pay? 
  7. Airlines sometimes release bargain airfares that are only available via travel agents like New Zealand Vacations but not to the general public. These can only be used to create vacation itineraries and cannot be advertised. Do you want to know about these as well? 

At New Zealand Vacations, we are the experts in airfares from the USA to New Zealand and we constantly monitor the latest changes in both airfares and their conditions so we know where the bargains are. 

When you are ready to make your airline bookings, for a fee of just $150.00 per booking we will share our professional marketplace intelligence giving you the confidence that you really have got the bargain you are looking for, and even better, we can make your airline reservations to New Zealand on your behalf. 

New Zealand Vacations, the travel professionals who will answer these questions and help you get it right, first time!. More information can be found on the New Zealand Vacations Air Fares page.