A collection of questions we get asked.

When's the best time of the year to make a visit?

The busiest vacation time of the year is the New Zealand summer, starting from December and finishing at the end of March. 

This makes the months of November (Spring) and April (Fall) attractive alternative times to visit because it's not so busy and prices are not so high. The weather is less predictable but for most of the time it will be warm enough to travel comfortably.

New Zealand's unique marine climate means that weather fronts usually move very quickly across the country, so a storm on Wednesday can turn to beautiful weather just a day later!

Winter starts in May and finishes in October. The South Island will be cold with snow at times especially in the Alps and the North Island will be wet. However winter has an attraction all of it's own and the scenery in the South Island in particular is nothing short of stunning. 

For those interested in skiing, both the North Island (around Tongariro National Park) and the South Island (around Queenstown & Wanaka) have world class ski fields. 

In recent years these fields have become favorite off-season training grounds for the US Olympic and World Cup ski teams.