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Other "not-so-serious" tips that could be helpful?

This is a 'not-so-serious' list of tips that will help make your vacation more enjoyable.

  • New Zealanders refer to the two main islands as The North Island and The South Island. So the phrases "we visited your northern island' or "...your southern island" are not used.
  • When you see Maori place names beginning with the letters "Wh..." the "Wh..." part is pronounced as an "F" - for example Whangamata is pronounced "Fonga-ma-ta"
  • Many New Zealanders are diehard fans of the national sport of rugby. The national team "The All Blacks" are the current World Champions of the sport and the recently retired captain, Richie McCaw, has a heroic status throughout the country.
  • Auckland is by far the biggest city, but it suffers terribly because their rugby team has not won the domestic rugby competition since 2007. It's politically useful to mention this fact whenever the opportunity arises (except in Auckland of course)
  • Likewise it pays not to be too loud in your praise of Auckland in general (except in Auckland of course)
  • To express your knowledge of these facts in conversation with Kiwis will gain you admiration and if you follow this up by expressing your surprise that the New Zealand team never seems to beat those pesky Australian's at cricket, your friendship will be complete!
  • While on the subject of Australia, New Zealanders have something of a "younger brother" complex with their friends across the Tasman Sea, so they thoroughly enjoy beating up on them at sporting events. But in general, if an outsider steps in and causes the Aussies any problems, New Zealanders will be the first ones to leap to their defense. So it's kind of complex, like families can be.