New Zealand from a Drone

This video is the work of American Oren Schauble, shot from a drone around Queenstown and Auckland. As Oren himself says, he's "hardly scratched the surface" of the places he would like to film in New Zealand. We would love to see him feature the green rain-forests and fiords of Fiordland and the West Coast of the South Island in his next effort. But in the meantime this is a great introduction.

Make sure you use your full screen or TV monitor, then go to the link, select his New Zealand video, sit back and enjoy the 4 minute ride! - - when you're suitably inspired give us a call at New Zealand Vacations and we'll help you make it a reality - 888 277-2293.

Here's great example of a journey that includes both of these regions, the 12 Day 'Vineyards & Scenery' itinerary.

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Jun 03, 2016