Movies Made in New Zealand. 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople'

Opening across the US this week is the New Zealand movie 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople'. Here's what Los Angeles Times reviewer Kenneth Turan had to say about it “Every once in a while, a small, unheralded film comes along, so smart and funny, such a pleasure to experience, you can’t believe your luck. Wilderpeople is such a film.”

It also happens to star the New Zealand actor we featured in our June 21 Blog

For those planning a New Zealand vacation, the movie is not only an insightful and at times hilarious  story, it also includes some great scenes of New Zealand landscapes and forests. 

We also recommend these two New Zealand movies of recent years for similar reasons, 'Boy' and 'Whale Rider' - in fact the movie 'Boy' has the same director as 'Wilderpeople'. 



Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Jun 29, 2016