Amazing New Luxury Accommodation Concept.

Every now and then, the launch of a new vacation product in New Zealand grabs our attention. This is one of them. It's a new luxury accommodation concept that would be a wonderful part of any New Zealand vacation package. If you want to return home with a special story to tell, read here about 'PurePod' and their unique selling point - realtors call it 'location, location, location'

If you asked returning travelers what they liked most about their New Zealand vacation, the vast majority would answer "the scenery". Now you can experience New Zealand scenery in a way that is like no other.

PurePods are sleekly designed glass sleeping cabins and the owners have gone to extraordinary lengths to locate them in some of the most magical spots in the country. Each PurePod is a self-contained luxury cabin with steel and wood frames supporting a glass roof, a glass floor (heated), three walls all of glass and featuring big wide sliding doors with external decking. What better way to truly immerse yourself in the beautiful natural environment surrounding you. 

Curtains and blinds have been ditched so you can enjoy uninterrupted and unbelievably scenic views of the country’s magnificent landscape and clear skies. But if you're a bit shy, each pod does have blinds and a shower curtain - though we do recommend leaving the blinds up at night so you can watch the sunrise from the comfort of your bed. The thing is, the location of your PurPod means you will not have any neighbors or visitors! 


And, for stargazers, the glass roof and the lack of light pollution ensures that on clear nights there are plenty of stars in the Milky Way to view. They even provide a telescope and a star map so any novice star gazers can have fun identifying the stars.

At the moment there are six unique PurePods, located on the east coast of the South Island, north of the biggest city of Christchurch. More are planned. 

These are some of the words used to describe their locations - 


"... sweeping views of the beautiful countryside and mountain ranges".


"... perched above the Kahutara River with distant mountain views".


"... nestled amongst native forest, alive with native birds. Superb sea views".


"...  on an historic sheep farm, with sweeping sea views".


"... overlooking a distant organic winery with the Southern Alps as a backdrop".


"... with beautiful views of the historic Port Levy and the surrounding hills".

Practical Advice:

  • You can choose to either bring your own food supplies, or you can pre-purchase the optional dinner & breakfast package that will be waiting for you in the PurePod. The food package is slightly different at each location, as your hosts use fresh, local ingredients based on the season and availability. For dinner, there is usually a grazing platter with local cheeses, crackers, ciabatta bread and other delectable nibbles, followed by a main course with fish, lamb, beef, or even in some cases, venison, ready for you to cook yourself on the cooktop or barbeque. Meals are accompanied with seasonal vegetables and a freshly prepared salad, then a sweet treat to finish. Breakfast is usually a freshly made muesli with organic yoghurt and a berry compote.
  • The water source at each PurePod is pure drinking water and tea and coffee supplies are provided. You can then bring along your other favorite beverages.
  • Although there are no internet or phone links, in the unlikely event of an emergency or medical event, each of the PurePods has an emergency satellite phone, preprogrammed to reach the emergency services and the PurePods HQ on a 24/7 basis. Each PurePod also has a medical kit and an EPIRB (personal locator beacon), which you can also use if you head out on a local trail. The local farmer will know you are there and arrangements have been made to have him also available to help out if needed.

Talk with one of the team at New Zealand Vacations about where you can incorporate a PurePod stay into your vacation. You'll be provided with an information pack at time of booking with detailed instructions for locating the PurePod - this is part of the adventure, following the instructions to their secret PurePod location. Then after leaving your car in the designated car-park, there's along a well formed trail to get to your accommodation and your entry to another world.

Our Christchurch based team member Jane Cousens is very familiar with the region where the PurePods are located, so if you would like to know more, email her - [email protected]

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Aug 16, 2018