The Tree Church - A Unique New Zealand Travel Experiences

This was our second visit to 'The Tree Church' located at Ohaupo in the North Island's Waikato Region. It's located a little of the main road, hidden by trees and set among attractive rolling farmlands. We'd visited the "Tree Church" once before but this time we discovered something new! The grounds were now being patrolled by a most unlikely looking security guard - so we decided to investigate.
The Tree Church

This new security guard is a stern looking feline who goes by the name of 'Echo' and his employer, Tree Church owner Barry Cox, suggested he was not to be trifled with, pointing to a number of mice, recently deposited at his front door as compelling evidence of this.


Echo on patrol


It turns out that despite his stern appearance, Echo is quite a friendly fellow and after some encouragement he was persuaded to neglect his guard duties for a few minutes to indulge himself in some stroking by these respectful visitors. 

You van visit Echo the cat warden on many of our New Zealand Vacations itineraries, including this favorite, the 10 day North & South Island Self Drive. Or, we can tailor-make an itinerary especially for you that includes a visit as you make your way southwards from Auckland. Make sure you introduce yourself to Echo when you visit. He keeps a high profile so he's easy to find most of the time, unless those pesky mice are giving him some trouble back at the homestead.

If you would like to read more about the inspiration and creation of the church, New Zealand newspaper "Stuff" ran this very interesting background story - "The Man who grew a church from trees"

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Dec 26, 2016