Steve - the cat who thinks he's a lamb

This is a story about a New Zealand cat who goes by the name of Steve. He lives on a farm near the remote town of Ngamatapouri (nah-mat-a-poori) in New Zealand's North Island. Ngamatapouri's main claim is its location on New Zealand's longest "No Exit" road. But as you will see in our video, strange things are happening in Ngamatapouri.


Ngamatapouri is located on the crosshairs of the red spot you can see on this map, directly north of the town of Waverley

We can include Ngamatapouri on many of our New Zealand Vacations itineraries, including this one, the 16 day North Island & Best of South Island.

Or you might prefer a visit to another place, this one is called -


Yes, this place exists, also in a remote North Island location; it's claimed to be the longest place name in the world and New Zealand Vacations can arrange a visit there as well.

But before leaving Ngamatapouri, take a look at this video and you'll see what we mean when we claim 'strange things are happening in Ngamatapouri'.

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Aug 30, 2019