Inspiring ideas for vacation planning during COVID19 - The best way to plan a New Zealand vacation?

When we created our New Zealand Vacations website in 2016, we included 18 suggested self-drive itineraries that we thought would interest potential visitors. Then we sat back and waited for these to 'fly off the shelves'. So, how many of these suggested itineraries have we actually sold? Not a single one; zilch! And we think that's just great. This blog explains why!

Starting in the 70's, it was becoming clear that people were no longer prepared to sit on a tour bus, day after day, listening to a tour guide describe what was flashing past their windows as they drove from town to town. 

In fact, the bus tour companies were one of the first to recognize this change, and to their credit they started adding more intimate experiences to their itineraries, to the extent that their products today are almost unrecognizable from what they offered 'back in the day'.

But there's also been a growing number of travelers who want even more, to venture beyond the mainstream and to learn about and experience people and cultures at a deeper level. And they figured they could best achieve this by providing their own transport (a rental car) and making their own arrangements on the ground (accommodation, tours etc). The travel industry even invented a acronym for them - they call them FIT's (Free, Individual Travellers)

New Zealand is a country that's almost seems purpose built for this FIT traveler.

In this blog we explore and comment on the options available to these FIT travelers in achieving their dream New Zealand vacation.

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Jun 08, 2020