Moutukiekie Beach

Moutukiekie Beach is one of those places that visitors drive by, without realizing it's one of the most scenic spots on West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. But like many good things, a visit comes with a warning. Once you've taken these on-board

Access to the beach is easy from just near the bridge over 13 Mile Creek & then walk south along the beach for 15 to 20mins 

Motukiekie Rocks beach! Once there, the situation can also be quite dangerous. Being surrounded by vertical sea-cliffs, the high tide rises 3m (10ft) extremely rapidly. So you only have an hour each side of low tide to get in and get out before the beach is swallowed up. No mucking around for this one.

But as you can see, the reward was worth it! The beach is scattered with starfish colonies that live in reef trenches, with sea stacks scattering by the dozens up and down the coast line. Simply amazing! This place has now taken my #1 seascape location.

Also lucky for me, the low tide happen to align directly with sunset. The light gods were with me that evening. And oh boy what a sunset it was!

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Dec 15, 2018