Picture Perfect Lake Mungamahoe - Day 3

Mt Taranaki is a magnet for photographers, with its almost perfect volcanic shape making it often compared to Mt Fuji in Japan. Which is probably why it was chosen as the location for the Tom Cruise movie 'Last of The Samuri' (2004). One of the best places to get photos of the mountain, standing against a backdrop of lake and forest is Lake Mungamahoe, just a small drive off the main road south.
Lake Mungamahoe

For years we've been advising our customers that the best place to photograph Mt Taranaki, is from Lake Mungamahoe (mung-a-ma-hoee). So when we left New Plymouth, we decided to go take a look for ourselves and we were not disappointed.

Unfortunately, a light breeze prevented us from getting the perfect shot, a mirror image of the mountain, but New Zealand professional photographer Chris Gin http://chrisgin.com/north_isla...captured it perfectly in  this great autumn shot.


The lake is situated just 10 minutes south of New Plymouth. The turn-off is on an open stretch of road, so keep an eye open for the signpost on your left as it's quite easy to miss. Part of the access road is gravel.

For those with the time, there's a lake circuit walk, suitable for people of all ages. There are some steep undulating sections that require a reasonable standard of fitness and the track can be slippery and muddy in areas after rain.

There are also picnic areas, toilet facilities and ample car parking along with a mountain biking area and horse riding trails.

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Dec 21, 2016