Night Skies New Zealand

A June 11 story reports that 80% of Americans and 60% of Europeans can no longer see the Milky Way because of light pollution. This photo of the Milky Way taken in the Wairarapa Region suggests New Zealand doesn't share this particular problem. In fact scientist say "in winter, when New Zealanders look up, they see right into the heart of the Milky Way"

New Zealand also has one of the world's most beautiful and easily accessible observatories, the Mount John University Observatory, operated by the University of Canterbury. It's located at 3,376 ft above Lake Tekapo in the South Island and the night skies above the observatory have been declared an International Dark Sky Reserve - one of only four such reserves in the world. 

Opportunities to visit Mt John to marvel at the Milky Way and the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere are included in many of New Zealand Vacations itineraries. For example, you can visit Mount John on the 15 Day "North Island & Southern Alpine Wonders"



Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Jun 15, 2016