Earthquake New Zealand - The Kaikoura Earthquake

This is an update on the 7.5 earthquake that struck the top of New Zealand's South Island on November 14. The primary message to visitors is that New Zealand remains open for business with the main earthquake effects confined to the Kaikoura region.

Earthquake Map

As you will read in the Tourism New Zealand link below, the area most impacted by the earthquake was the whale-watching town of Kaikoura and this means that anyone travelling along the South Island coastal road between Christchurch and Blenheim will need to review their travel plans. The photo at the top of this page shows what the main challenge is now going to be, the number of slips like this one, that have blocked the main coastal road into and out of Kaikoura. Although alternative routes into Kaikoura will quickly be created, it will probably take some months for the main coastal road between Blenheim and Christchurch to be cleared and the road rebuilt.


Alternate Route between Christchurch and Picton / Blenheim

This map shows the current alternate road for getting between the top of the South Island and Christchurch. It takes around 7 hours, so a long day, but you get the benefit of travelling via the beautiful Lewis Pass and other scenic  towns and places that are the equal of any in New Zealand. A refresh stop at Hanmer Springs to enjoy the spa and hot pools would be a "must do"


Earthquake Update, New Zealand Tourism

Official Update from New Zealand Tourism re South Island Earthquake on Nov 14

Lucky Cows Marooned


This photo made headlines around the world - 3 lucky cows in the Kaikoura hinterland, marooned by the quake on their own little island of grass and thankfully, rescued shortly afterwards. The farmer who owns the property has announced he has placed all three in early "long-term retirement" 

On a more serious note,today our thoughts go out to the people of Hurunui, Kaikoura and the surrounding countryside as they start to rebuild and return their lives to normal.

Lindsay Barron

Lindsay Barron • Nov 20, 2016