Zealandia Wildlife

The Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary is an outstanding example of efforts to save New Zealand most endangered native birds and animals. We suggest a visit in the late afternoon to hear the dusk chorus of the birds or consider a night tour for a special experience. This will be the best opportunity on your itinerary to see such a wide variety of beautiful native birds and other native wildlife.

Pukeko, one of NZ's most interesting looking native birds, can be found roaming freely around the reserve. 

Explore the sanctuary by torchlight experiencing rare and endangered species that only appear at night.

On a night tour your group might see some of the 130 little spotted kiwi who call Zealandia their home.

Tuatara, the rare and unique NZ native, is one of Zealandia's most popular inhabitants.

Your guides use their knowledge of birdsong, habitats and flora to find track down the unique birds & animals.

Kakariki or New Zealand parakeets are easily found due to their vibrant colors.

Allow: Half day
Cost: From $18.50
Age: All
Best time: All year


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