The Shotover Jet

Since 1970 over 2 million adrenaline-rushed passengers have enjoyed the thrills of the world's most exciting jetboat ride, The Shotover Jet. It's unique jet propulsion that requires no propeller, allows the jetboat to skim past rocky outcrops at close range. Your 'Big Red' jetboat can twist and turn through the narrow canyons at breathtaking speeds and then hold tight for the world famous Shotover Jet full 360 degree spin!

Skimming over the shallow water near the stony shore.

The narrow canyons make for a thrilling ride.

For the less adventurous, you can enjoy the scenery while waiting for the others to finish their ride.

Allow: Half hour
Cost: From $135 Adult and $75 Child
Age: Minimum height 1 meter
Best time: All year


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