The Poor Knights Islands

Visit the beautiful Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve, New Zealand's best dive spot. You can enjoy a day of swimming, snorkeling, diving or kayaking. Visit the world's largest sea cave, see prolific marine wildlife, including whales, dolphins and sometimes orca. There's also an opportunity to dive at the spot where two New Zealand warships were sunk to encourage marine life to develop. A fun professional crew, delicious food, a fun day. Also visit our blog about the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.

The beauty of Poor Knights Marine Reserve is breathtaking whether you are enjoying the views from 

cruising above or diving beneath it's coastal waters.

Rikoriko cave, the world's largest sea cave, is a highlight of the trip by boat.

World renowned and NZ's best diving spot the marine reserve has so much to offer like this seal

hunting through the seaweed.

Snorkeling is another fantastic way to catch a glimpse of spectacular marine wildlife like this manta ray.

Allow: Full Day
Cost: From $150 including buffet lunch,
Age: All
Best time: November - March


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